Polydioxanone (PDO) Threading

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A cutting-edge minimally invasive treatment with comparable results to a facelift. PDO delivers a powerful and long-lasting “lift” to the and tightens skin on the face.

Results may vary with each patient. Consult with our licensed medical clinician to learn more about PDO Threading.

What Is PDO Threading?

PDO threading is a minimally invasive treatment with comparable results to a facelift. Of course, the results of PDO threading aren’t quite as drastic as those of facelift surgery, but many people prefer the shorter recovery time, minimal bleeding, and subtle change of a PDO thread lift. 

During your PDO threading treatment at Revitalize MedSpa, the team uses a hollow needle called a cannula to insert polydioxanone threads in the upper part of your face.

These threads are shaped so that they latch onto your tissues, gently pulling them upward to achieve a lifting effect. 

PDO threads are biocompatible and dissolvable. After a few months, they dissolve within your skin. This happens after your skin’s natural collagen builds around the threads, so the results last for about 18 months. After that, you can get maintenance PDO threading at Revitalize MedSpa if you choose. 

What are the results of PDO Threading?

PDO threading can create many natural-looking adjustments to your facial contours. Cat eye features are very popular right now, and many people achieve them using makeup techniques. PDO threading can lend you a graceful cat eye without the use of products or surgery. Additionally, PDO threading can correct various facial features associated with old age and the effects of gravity. 




Turkey Neck


Large Wrinkles


Fine Lines

How should I care for my skin after my PDO Threading procedure?

Results may vary with each patient. Consult with our licensed medical clinician to learn more about PDO Threading.

Giving your skin the proper care after a PDO threading procedure is the key to enjoying long-lasting and gorgeous-looking results. The team at Revitalize MedSpa makes sure you receive a comprehensive list of aftercare instructions to follow after your threading. 

The instructions include:
- Limiting facial movement for 24 hours
- Avoiding touching your face for 24 hours
- Avoiding washing your face for 24 hours
- Eating soft and liquid foods for 7-10 days
- Resuming normal activities gradually
- Avoiding strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks

Despite the lengthy list of aftercare instructions, recovering from a PDO threading procedure is simple and doesn’t take long. 

In fact, you can expect to be back at work in as little as one day after your procedure, as long as your job doesn’t involve strenuous movement or activity. 

Usually, any discomfort after the procedure is mild and short-lived. The Revitalize MedSpa team uses anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout your PDO threading procedure. 

Learn more about the advantages of PDO threading as an alternative to facelift surgery by calling Revitalize MedSpa for a consultation or booking your visit online today.

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